Front End React Chief Architect

Do you want to architect, develop and deploy multi-million dollar software products? Learn more about our Front End React Chief Architect role.

Front End React Chief Software Architect

$ 100k/Year  ($ 50/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

We are looking for experienced React Chief Software Architects to join one of our teams within our central engineering factory or external customers of our group.

In our organization, you may be a product Chief Architect, responsible for the quality and weekly releases of your products, or you may join one of our assembly line teams.

All our teams require highly skilled React Chief Software Architects who are willing to be part of a high performing team where you can learn from your mentors. We have high expectations of our Chief Software Architects and only the best and most disciplined in their work are expected to succeed.

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

As a React Chief Software Architect, you can expect to be a member of one of our central assembly line teams such as easier or code review team. You may also be in the role of a product Chief Architect, responsible for a product’s quality and weekly release.

The code review team spends most of their time reviewing pull requests created by other teams. Members of the team review code which may be written in a variety of frameworks and tools. The members of this team are not product specialists but are expected to have very high coding standards, be able to clearly articulate what is wrong with a developers code and be able to defend their findings of poor quality code.

The easier team rebuilds the user interface of legacy products in our standard tech stacks and build new screens with a modern UI and enhanced usability. The team also creates the REST API layer required to connect the new UI with the product legacy backend and business logic. You will also be required to deliver UI unit tests, REST API unit tests and integration tests, and functional browser compatibility testing.

In all cases, you will have aggressive daily and weekly targets to work against and you can expect to receive daily and weekly feedback about your performance. The frequent feedback is used to help you improve immediately and to resolve blockers which may be slowing down your performance.


Achieve an expert level understanding of our customers’ environments and their use of our products

Architect and lead weekly technical delivery of one or more products in a way that maintains an unyielding focus on quality while matching the needs of the target customer base

Creating solutions architecture, algorithms, and designs for solutions that scale to the customer's enterprise requirements

Manage accountability of team members, with a focus on quality:
• You are personally accountable for resolution of the most technically challenging issues
Work a standard 40-hr week and mostly Monday to Friday

Ensure you maintain a daily high level of concentration and high-quality output


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

At least 8 years of experience in front-end development

At least 3 years of experience using React library

1+ years of experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used

2+ years of experience in unit testing

Have a minimum of 2 years experience leading or mentoring junior developers

At least 2 years of working experience using cloud technologies such as AWS

Proven experience with performing code reviews and/or mentoring sessions (has dedicated a minimum of 25% of monthly time on this activity)

Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
• Database knowledge in technology such as SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL / MongoDB / Cassandra
• SOA, EDA, and Design patterns
• Some experience in Linux, Django, REST and shell scripting
Has experience with one or more cloud or devops services like AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

Demonstrate success as a problem solver

Be a results-oriented individual

Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world

Has worked with back-end technologies and latest development frameworks

An intermediate level of English


As a Chief Software Architect, we expect you to be a leader for other technical people. We expect that you will be able to learn and quickly adapt to new technologies and change technical direction for your team depending on new practices being introduced across the organization.  You will be learning how to make your products work in a full cloud operation and work with SaaSops to improve uptime.

With our culture of setting SMART goals, you will receive candid feedback on a weekly basis instead of waiting for quarterly or annual reviews. This will help you take timely corrective action for your overall learning and development.

You will learn about how we manage our teams through metrics and how we deliver business value through our goal setting and management techniques.


Work Examples

Every job creates excellent work. We want to show you the types of things you will learn, using real work examples of the processes, training examples, playbooks, projects you will build on the job.

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Easier development Playbook

This is a copy of the playbook used by our Easier team. Take a look at the processes and methods used by the team

Relevant Files and Links

Here you can find external resources relevant to this role.

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Feature Project Delivery Framework

This is a work example of a spec for a new feature delivery


and Answers

  • I heard you have a tracking tool to monitor your teams, why do you use it?

    One of the key objectives of our productivity tracker is for it to be used by our Crossover partners to log time and eventually get paid. We also log information about our Crossover partners to understand what tools and applications they are using. This helps us to build work patterns of our people and identify best practices which we can share with all our teams.

  • Do you use Agile?

    Like most organizations, we make use of subsets of Agile. The one key difference though is that our teams are highly specialized in the task they do. For example, we have a maintenance team whose only task is to fix bugs on our products. Rather than being product specialists they are process specialists.

  • How can I get promoted to new roles?

    In order to move across roles you need to apply through our crossover portal. You should also be ensuring that your manager is always knowledgeable about any active applications you may have.

  • How do you measure the productivity of a team?

    Every team has a metric which they deliver against; by default, every person within the team is measured by the same metric on a weekly basis. For example, the metric for our maintenance team is “number of bugs fixed”. The cost per unit of the maintenance team on a weekly basis is the total headcount cost of the team for a week divided by the number of bugs fixed during the same week.

  • Can I work part-time or in between jobs?

    No, these are full-time posts requiring 40 hours per week Monday to Friday.