L2 Customer Support Architect

$ 60k USD/year  $ 30 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Do you want to work for a support team, unlike any other support organization? L2 Customer Support Engineers are deeply technical professionals with the ability to interact directly with customers. They are technical, but they have the unique ability to couple that with exceptional verbal and written communication skills. They are smart, driven, curious, and empathetic, going out of their way to help customers and not resting until a problem is solved.

Why Crossover?
Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

L2 Customer Support Architects enjoy working on complex issues and the challenge that comes with escalated tickets.

It is essential to have a deep understanding of software support tools and strong technical skills. World class service is more than solving the issue, it’s about providing the customer with an experience. L2 agents are expert communicators and strive for high-quality scores.

You will be working in an atypical customer contact center. You will connect with customers through different channels supporting cutting-edge products. You will be empowered to provide end-to-end support, and you will be encouraged to problem solve and take accountability for the customer experience.


To apply for a role at Crossover, you will go through a series of online tests, usually during the online hiring event. If you pass these tests, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our four-full-time week Bootcamp training program. This is elite training taught by our top instructors.

Here’s what our graduates have to say about Bootcamp:

"I am very pleased to say that because of Crossover's unorthodox and unique way of transferring the knowledge through (Paired sessions, coaching sessions with CSMs), I have never been more confident in my technical skills and abilities for my role."
-Mikael F

"The CTO Bootcamp was another thing that motivated me. I wanted to see how CTOs across the globe work and learn from them."
-Javed Z

"I've been with the company since Aug (been part of the second Bootcamp) and since then I've learned SQL, databases, servers, tapes, other content management systems etc- and that's only been in 3 months. Usually when I'm in a new company, I learned a lot about their platform, their tools etc during the length of my time with them but never at this speed!"
-Monnaliza T

It is offered as soon as you want to get started. You will be compensated for 40 hrs/ week at the hourly rate for the role you are applying to. Bootcamp training is an excellent opportunity to learn about our culture, expectations, tools, processes, and procedures. It's an intensive and demanding program, but every graduate is guaranteed a job at the end of it.

You will provide In-depth technical support

Utilize advanced technical skills to resolve escalated issues

You will have to showcase your advanced analytical, and problem diagnosis skills because your main duty is to troubleshoot and look for customized resolutions to help customers out

You must communicate effectively in English in order to translate technical solutions to non-technical customers

You will be measured by the quality and productivity of your service, so you need to be comfortable with receiving daily feedback and integrating it into your service

You will be part of a fast pace environment where information, processes, and procedures can literally change from one day to the other, and you need to keep up the pace

You will have a full caseload at all times, so you will need to manage time and adjust priorities as caseload evolves

Participate in our very own ‘pair support program’ and work closely with colleagues to teach new technologies and support techniques

Solve customer issues that L1 Customer Support Engineers could not solve


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Pristine spoken and written English

+4 years as a front-line agent supporting software products

Able to solve +15 complex tickets per day

Can demonstrate an intermediate/advanced understanding of the following:
• Windows or Unix/Linux Server
• Network and Webservers
• Database MS SQL / MySQL / Oracle / PostGreSQL
• Sharepoint
• Active Directory
• Java / Java Script / CSS / HTML
• Docker
• Python
Ability to learn multiple products across multiple technologies

Well versed in current software support practices and tools including troubleshooting, issue tracking, and ticket management

A fast learner, sharp thinker, investigative mind and real dedication to solving customer problems


Job Title L1 L2 L3 CSM VP SVP
Compensation $15/hr (~$30k/yr) $30/hr (~$60k/yr) $50/hr (~100k/yr) $50/hr (~100k/yr) $100/hr (~$200k/yr) $200/hr (~$400k/yr)
Job Title
(at previous job)
Support Engineer, Technical Support Agent Senior Support Engineer, Senior Technical Support Agent, Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Architect, L3 Technical Support Customer Support Manager, Customer Support Team Lead Customer Support Director, VP of Customer Support Customer Success Executive / SVP Customer Support
Minimum work Experience 2+ years in technical customer support 3+ years in technical customer support 5+ years in technical customer support and software engineering 3+ years hands on technical support 1+ years as team manager 3+ years hands on technical support 5+ years as team manager 3+ years hands on technical support 5+ years as team manager
Total Team Size N/A N/A N/A 15-20 agents 20 - 100 agents 100+ agents
Total Industry experience 2+ years 3+ years 5+ years 5+ years 10+ years 15+ years
Manager Experience 2+ years 3+ years 5+ years 5+ years 10+ years 15+ years
Education Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent Master’s degree or equivalent Master’s degree or equivalent
Core Deliverables * Handles customer issues end to end

* Outstanding troubleshooting

* Outstanding quality customer service

* Escalates promptly to ensure fast resolution.

* Handles the more difficult customer issues end to end

* Outstanding troubleshooting

* Becomes a Subject Matter Expert

* Handles the hardest technical issues

* Authors playbooks training for to increase capability of L1 and L2 support teams

* Handles customer escalations

* Daily deep dives on tickets

* Sets aggressive weekly goals for productivity and quality

* Creates training materials

* Trains and coaches agents

* Handles customer escalations

* Deep dives on tickets

* Delivers weekly progress on quarterly quality and productivity goals for a subset of support

* Trains and coaches managers

* Handles customer escalations

* Deep dives on tickets

* Delivers aggressive quarterly quality and productivity targets that impact customer retention

* Trains and coaches VPs

English proficiency proficient proficient proficient proficient proficient proficient
Technical proficiency Technically literate Technical troubleshooting to the code and configuration level Can find any bug in solution code, product code, and configuration Technically Literate Technically Literate Technically Literate


A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.


carreer growth opportunities
Learning and Growth
You will be part of a fast pace remote work environment where information, processes, and procedures can literally change from one day to the other, and you will learn to keep the pace. You will learn how to work together with a large organization, making all the different parts fit together, in order to improve the end-to-end process of support. You will learn how to apply tools and techniques in order to make the products better from the support point of view, from the creation of test environments to troubleshooting tools.