Software Engineering Manager (SEM)

We are looking for high-performing Software engineering managers for a high-wage and fully remote role.  Experienced technical managers who are able to thrive in a progressive environment should apply now.

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Software Engineering Manager (SEM)

$ 100k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Software Development Manager, Head of Development

Everyone in your company seems to be moving in slow motion? You want to be in a managerial role that requires your deep technical know-how? Then this is the job for you!

Crossover, the world’s largest #remotework company is looking for high performing Software Engineering Managers for a long-term, full-time role. In our organization, the Software Engineering Manager role is not a project management role, it is not an HR management role, it is not an agile scrum master role -- it is a role that requires deep technical competence that only technical stars can have. If you used to be the best software developer on your team, and you love coaching others on how to improve and grow their technical skills, our environment enables you to move into management without having to trade-in your love for code with project plans and politics.

Our workforce is composed of the top 1% of developers from all around the world, that annoying feeling that everyone is holding you back by moving too slow will be gone in no time. Working with super-smart high pace developers enables you to build a dream-team with exceptional performance. Joining us is a career move as within a quarter you’ll become a Remote Engineering Manager that exceeds any global standards of any company out there. Apply now to start your long-term career path with us and shape the #futureofwork.

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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

Our organization relies on its central engineering remote workforce to develop and maintain a product portfolio of more than 150 different enterprise products. As an engineering manager of one of our central engineering teams, your team will get to work on a dozen different products every quarter. The job of the SEM is to coach each team member how to become a top performer, document and execute process improvements that improve quality or eliminate waste, and automate away your team's manual work. Because our SEMs know how to do the job better than anyone on their teams, and because they spend the first half of each day reviewing the quality of the code each team member delivers, they are in the unique position to become "quality bar raisers" who consistently improve the quality delivered over time.


  • Build a top-performing team
  • Provide specific coaching for each member of your team on a daily basis - help them grow
  • Focus on the technical aspects of the deliveries and not on program or project management
  • Drive continuous quality improvement by being a subject matter expert
  • Drive continuous process improvement by eliminating waste and introducing automation
  • Make clear, data-driven decisions, to ensure that the team operates at peak performance
  • Deep dive into problems in your team and resolve the root causes


  • 8+ years as a hands-on software developer or architect
  • 4+ years as a technical lead, hands-on team-lead or a chief architect spending most his time coaching others
  • Great at providing focused coaching and mentoring, able to separate the important from the unimportant so your coaching of team members is clear and undiluted
  • Committed to high standards - Continuously push to improve your team’s performance
  • A super-strong full stack developer with experience in designing and developing cloud based applications
  • Experience with microservices and CI/CD culture
  • Strong computer science fundamentals in system design, data structures, algorithms

    Nice to have:

  • Experience in building and delivering enterprise grade SaaS products


It starts with continuing to grow your technical portfolio. At Crossover, your technical learning does not stop when you assume a managerial position. In fact, it even accelerates as you’ll be exposed to all of the different products and technologies that your team gets to work on. Our portfolio of 150 different products ensures this accelerated technical growth.

Within a very short period of time, you’ll become a world-class coach. The main role of the SEM is to provide daily 1:1 individualized actionable coaching to each of his developers. The SEM will be sharing his vast experience and technical know-how to demonstrate how the work delivered by his developers can be further improved, striving to bring all of them to a top-performer level.

Being a manager of a fully distributed remote team is a new skill that requires a different managerial methodology. This is a career future-proof skill as we believe that the global IT talent market is changing rapidly towards #remotework. Once you get on-boarded, your training starts with four weeks of a full-time, fully-paid training program to teach you our managerial framework and how to become a great remote manager.

We hate waste, don’t you? We continuously strive to eliminate it either via process improvements or via automation. You’ll become great at identifying waste, finding its true root-cause and then eliminating it in a simple and clean manner.

Last but not least you’ll learn how to do more in less time. Surrounded by the top 1% of global managers, you’ll have great peers from all around the world that you can both teach as well as learn from.

Work Examples
This is a sample document used by our Feature team to guide new recruits joining the team
Typical Quarterly Goals for a Product Presentation of Sample Project Goals
Here’s an example of a great playbook written by our SEMs and Chief Architects. It is a playbook for our EngEasier team to help them develop new front ends for our products

and Answers

  • Does an SEM have hands-on coding work?

    Our SEMs perform hands-on coding when they provide concrete individualized coaching to their engineers. Our managers do not stay at the “buzzwords-level” (e.g., you need to improve your quality). They will review the actual deliverables of their team, come up with deep technical insights and then, shoulder-to-shoulder (in the virtual space), demonstrate how actually to perform the work. So you need to be a great coder and technical person.

  • I used to code a lot, but then I was promoted to a Project Manager/Program Manager/Delivery Manager/… position, I’m a top-performer in my company, am I a good fit?

    Based on our experience, you are probably not a good fit. Our managers are super technical and do not stay at the managerial level. They know how to perform the work as-good-as or better than their engineers. If you’ve been away from technology for a couple of years, likely, you will not meet our technical standards.

  • I’m currently a team-lead, is the SEM role right for me?

    Are you super-technical and spent more than 50% of your day-to-day on technical tasks? If so, you should apply.

  • I’m currently a tech-lead/lead-engineer, is the SEM role right for me?

    If you are a tech-lead/lead-engineer, it probably means that you are great technically, so let’s put that aside. If you are also great at coaching and able to provide individualized coaching that makes a significant measurable impact, then you should apply.

  • What does an SEM day look like?

    A standard day in this position is typically comprised of the following tasks:

    Deep Dives - Review the quality of work produced by your team. Identify the real root cause of failures and opportunities for improvement

    Documenting Decisions - Capturing the insights from your deep dives clearly and decisively

    Coaching - use your deep domain expertise to teach and demonstrate how to be a top performer

  • How do you perform in the role of SEM when all your contributors are remote?

    This is precisely what we will teach you during your first 4 weeks on the role. We use video-chats for all of our meetings as well as ASYNC communication methods. We ensure that our processes are well documented in the form of playbooks and have developed a tool, Worksmart Pro, which enables us to keep track of time and applications used. This data allows us to form a diary of how our contributors spend their day and coach them on how to improve.

  • Do you use Agile?

    Like most software organizations, we make use of subsets of Agile. The one main difference is our teams are highly specialized in the task they do. For example, we have a maintenance team whose only function is to fix bugs on our products. Rather than being product specialists they are process specialists.

  • How can an SEM get promoted to a VP role?

    If you are a top performer in your role for two quarters or more, then it is possible for you to apply to new roles and move up the career ladder. With proper guidance and career planning you may apply for a VP of Engineering role and eventually an SVP of Engineering. The possibilities exist, and your career path is only dependent on your performance.