Software Engineering Manager (SEM)

We are looking for high-performing Software engineering managers for a high-wage and fully remote role.  Experienced technical managers who are able to thrive in a progressive environment should apply now.

Software Engineering Manager (SEM)

$ 100k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Software Development Manager, Head of Development

Are you able to manage a remote team and keep driving that team towards excellence in their code quality and performance? Are you able to keep up with a weekly release cadence of products where the quality bar just keeps getting higher? Are you able to use your coding experience from recent years to resolve blockers which your team has while working on innovation ideas to automate mundane tasks? If yes then this role may be for you!  

We are looking for a Software engineering manager (SEM) with hands-on development experience and team management experience. The SEM will either lead the delivery of two or three products within our organization or manage one of our central engineering teams to deliver services to the product teams.

“The application itself is reflective of the real work environment and is really challenging, and then you meet a great manager. I pulled an all-nighter to complete my application for Crossover 😅 but I'm proud to say it was worth it!”
-Kingsley E, Java Software Engineer
, we have  full time partners from your country,   Let’s make it !

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

The SEM manages a team of 5-20 Engineers, Architects, or Chief Architects. You are expected to work with your team on a daily basis ensuring the team solves their challenging software problems within deadlines. You must continuously improve the quality of your team's performance by coaching the low contributors and replacing them with better top global talent when necessary.

Our business methodology is to set aggressive quarterly goals for our products, which are driven by our product management team or the overall IT strategy. We conduct product releases on a weekly cadence. The SEM is expected to lead their team towards achieving daily and weekly goals.

You are expected to leverage your technical depth as a former developer and architect to push the team towards a high standard of technical excellence, and be achieving the organization's quality bar. As an SEM you are expected to monitor the team’s daily and weekly performance using our proprietary workflow management tools. The SEM is responsible for identifying obstacles and offering to coach to improve productivity.


Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers’ environments and their use of our products

Leading technical delivery of one or more products and match the needs of the target customer base

Mentor your teams of Chief architect, architects and engineers to deliver high quality of code

Deliver a consistently high-quality product which has a high “First Time Acceptance Rate” from the engineering leadership.

Comply with Chief Architecture process playbooks

Working a standard 40-hr week and mostly Monday to Friday

Keep up to date with the latest software engineering trends


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is mandatory.

10+ years of software development/engineering experience in C# or Java

Proven managerial skills with at least 3 years of experience managing teams of at least 10 individual contributors

Experienced in leading multiple teams across multiple products and technologies

At least 1 year of experience in releasing software products within a CI/CD environment

At least 1 year experience working with cloud services

6+months experience using Jira and Github

Proven experience in building high-performance teams and scalable best engineering practices

Very good level of English proficiency

Nice to have:

Demonstrate success as a problem solver

Be a results-oriented individual

Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world

Have worked with back-end technologies and latest development frameworks


As an SEM in our organization, you will learn about the issues of managing an entirely remote workforce of up to 50 reports. As the SEM you will be working on products that need drastic quality improvements, on a weekly product release cadence. You will be learning how to make your products work in a full cloud operation. The ideal candidate will need to work with their team to make hard technical decisions and at a rapid pace to keep up with technology and business demands. Alternatively, you may be managing a team of central engineering who are expected to become process and technology specialists. Our model entails continuously working with your team to improve the quality of work making it cheaper to produce each unit of output.

Work Examples
This is a sample document used by our Feature team to guide new recruits joining the team
Typical Quarterly Goals for a Product Presentation of Sample Project Goals
Here’s an example of a great playbook written by our SEMs and Chief Architects. It is a playbook for our EngEasier team to help them develop new front ends for our products

and Answers

  • How can an SEM get promoted to new roles?

    If you are a top performer in your role then it is possible for you to apply to new roles and move up the career ladder. With proper guidance and career planning from an SEM role you may apply for a VP of Engineering role and eventually an SVP of Engineering. The possibilities exist, and your career path is only dependent on your performance.

  • Does an SEM have hands-on coding work?

    No, the SEM rarely has any hands-on coding work to do, but they are expected to have an excellent technical background and an understanding of various technologies. As an SEM you will leverage on your past development experience to resolve blockers for your teams

  • What does an SEM day look like?

    A standard day in this position is typically comprised of the following tasks: a short daily check in with your manager to review blockers which you may have and request assistance when needed, a commitment to your manager on what you and your team are going to achieve that day. You will also run check-ins with all of your team members to ensure that all the team understands their daily targets. You will also learn of blockers they may be having and work with them to resolve blockers for the day; You will also participate in weekly SEM meetings where you can discuss your day to day work issues and learn from other great SEMs in the organization

  • Do you use Agile?

    Like most software organizations, we make use of subsets of Agile. The one main difference is our teams are highly specialized in the task they do. For example, we have a maintenance team whose only function is to fix bugs on our products. Rather than being product specialists they are process specialists.

  • How do you perform in the role of SEM when all your contributors are remote?

    We use communication tools such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype, and Slack. We also ensure that our processes are well documented in the form of playbooks and have developed a tool, Worksmart Pro, which enables us to keep track of time and applications used. This data allows us to form a diary of how our contributors spend their day and coach them on improving productivity.