5 Must-Read Remote Work Books (2023)
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5 Must-Read Remote Work Books (2023)

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5 Must-Read Remote Work Books (2023)
  • 1. Sync Async: Making Progress Easier in the Changing World of Work
  • 2. Competing in the New World of Work: How Radical Adaptability Separates the Best from the Rest
  • 3. Running Remote: Master the Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Remote-Work Pioneers
  • 4. Leadership Anywhere: Learn How to Become a Better Asynchronous Leader
  • 5. Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus

Is there such a thing as too many remote work books for your collection? No! In the spirit of exploration and learning, we've curated some of this year's most impressive reads. These books on remote work are current, written by some amazing thought-leaders, and will make great additions to your library.

Plus we've added an Async August surprise recommendation or two. It will help you improve your understanding of asynchronous work, and will give you practical advice on work-life balance. 

Sounds easy, but if you've made the switch you know what a challenge it can be!

Here are five top picks that are essential reading for every remote leader this year.

1. Sync Async: Making Progress Easier in the Changing World of Work

Lynne Cazaly Sync Async Book

Author: Lynne Cazaly

Published: May 25, 2022

Book Summary:

This book reveals the intricacies of synchronous and asynchronous work modes and how these strategies can transform your team's efficiency.

As the dynamics of work shift, Cazaly makes a compelling case for understanding synchronous and asynchronous workflows. She dives deep into the value of working in both ways, emphasizing how some tasks are best done in real-time while others can be handled on one's own schedule.

This guide provides readers with insights on when and how to work in sync and async, offering tools for making seamless progress and identifying personal work preferences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Synchronous isn't always the solution; sometimes async rules the day.
  • Discover the tools to excel with async progress.
  • Identify your personal work preferences and adapt for maximum daily progress.

Why it's a must-read: Equip yourself with tools to navigate and excel in this new frontier of work, both in sync and async styles.

Take Action:

  • Experiment with Scheduling: Dedicate one week to testing a blend of synchronous and asynchronous meetings. Measure the impact on productivity and team satisfaction.
  • Tool Time: Explore and adopt at least one new tool this month that facilitates asynchronous work.
  • Self-Reflection: Identify two tasks or projects you currently handle synchronously. Could they be done asynchronously? Try switching for a fortnight and note the differences.

2. Competing in the New World of Work: How Radical Adaptability Separates the Best from the Rest

Keith Ferrazzi Competing in the New World of Work - remote work book.

Authors: Keith Ferrazzi, Kian Gohar, & Noel Weyrich

Published: February 15, 2022

Book Summary:

Delve into findings from global research on how top businesses innovated and adapted post-pandemic to emerge stronger. Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

Ferrazzi and co-authors present global research on businesses that triumphed in the post-pandemic era. They articulate how organizations must change to stay competitive, highlighting workplace innovations birthed during the pandemic.

This book not only offers a vision for future organizations but also elaborates on the radical adaptability concept, which they propose as the new leadership model in these evolving times.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace a transformative vision for future organizations.
  • Uncover workplace innovations birthed in the pandemic era.
  • Understand 'radical adaptability', the leadership model for perpetual change.

Why it's a must-read: Gain insights into reshaping businesses in a post-pandemic world.

Take Action:

  • Adaptability Assessment: Review your organization's recent changes. Were they effective? What can be further adapted?
  • Culture Workshop: Organize a brainstorming session with your team to redefine company culture in this new work environment.
  • Innovation Challenge: Encourage team members to bring forward one innovative idea or practice they've observed or thought of and discuss its potential implementation.

3. Running Remote: Master the Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Remote-Work Pioneers

Liam Martin and Rob Lawson, Running Remote book on remote work.

Authors: Liam Martin & Rob Rawson

Published: August 16, 2022

Book Summary:

Unlock the secrets of the original remote work trailblazers and harness the power of the async mindset. Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller.

Martin and Rawson pull back the curtain on the strategies and mindsets of original remote work pioneers. The guide underscores the unique advantage held by remote-first companies and reveals the async mindset's power.

Drawing from real-life lessons and techniques, readers learn how to optimize communication, manage workflows, and harness metrics, reshaping traditional management and work processes for a remote setting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the three principles of the async mindset: deliberate overcommunication, democratized workflow, and detailed metrics.
  • Grasp the distinct nuances of hiring, managing, and onboarding remotely.
  • Learn the tangible techniques from pioneers who championed remote-first work.

Why it's a must-read: A comprehensive guide to the A-Z of remote work from those who pioneered it.

Take Action:

  • Overcommunication Day: Dedicate a day where everyone practices "deliberate overcommunication" to gauge its impact.
  • Metrics Meeting: Gather your team and discuss the metrics currently used to measure performance. Are they still relevant in a remote context?
  • Remote Pioneer Study: Assign teams or individuals a 'remote pioneer' company to research. Share lessons and potential implementations in the next team meeting.

4. Leadership Anywhere: Learn How to Become a Better Asynchronous Leader

Peter Benei, Leadership Anywhere, remote work book.

Author: Peter Benei

Book Summary:

A manual to excel in remote leadership, emphasizing the importance and challenges of asynchronous work.

As an experienced remote leader, Benei shares insights on how to navigate the unique challenges of asynchronous work. The book outlines how to create environments that support time-independent work, aligns teams, and helps measure performance effectively.

By focusing on collaboration, communication, and leadership techniques tailored for remote teams, readers are equipped to drive motivation and productivity in their teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the art of structuring your remote company.
  • Become an inspiration for your remote team while navigating time-independent challenges.
  • Dive into effective collaboration and communication tactics tailored for remote teams.

Why it's a must-read: Elevate your remote leadership game and master the challenges of time-independent work.

Take Action:

  • Structure Audit: Review your company's remote structure. Is it resilient to upcoming challenges? Make adjustments based on your findings.
  • Leadership Feedback: Seek feedback on your remote leadership style. Where can you improve?
  • Collaboration Workshop: Organize a training session focused on enhancing remote collaboration and communication skills.

5. Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus

Ali Greene and Tamara Sanderson, Remote Works, book on remote work.

Authors: Ali Greene, Tamara Sanderson & Foreword by Matt Mullenweg

Published: February 7, 2023

Book Summary:

Written by remote work veterans, this playbook discusses achieving effective communication, setting team norms, and optimizing tool usage for remote success.

Greene and Sanderson, with their wealth of experience in leading remote companies, craft a playbook that redefines remote work management.

Addressing challenges like efficient communication, tool selection, and team norm establishment, the book emphasizes results-driven work. With a call to action to shift from traditional office techniques, readers learn how to design workspaces that prioritize freedom, flexibility, and focus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rediscover communication in a remote setting with fewer meetings.
  • Decide on the right tools without the usual chaos.
  • Focus on results, creating a workspace that integrates freedom, flexibility, and focus.

 Why it's a must-read: Turn the tables and let your work adapt to your life's rhythm.

Take Action:

  • Tool Declutter: Review and declutter the remote tools your team uses. Ensure each tool serves a purpose.
  • Freedom Day: Once a month, allow team members to choose their working hours completely, fostering a sense of freedom.
  • Life-First Challenge: For a week, encourage team members to schedule work around their personal lives rather than vice versa. Discuss experiences at the end of the week.

Whether you're a newcomer to remote work or a seasoned expert, these books provide invaluable insights to enhance your journey.

Knowledge is power—arm yourself with these books and thrive in the world of remote work.

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