Important: If you are joining via mobile, please switch to a computer. Mobile is currently not supported.

Step 1

Click on the shared link on the chat box on zoom. This will direct you to the landing page.

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Step 2

Start your registration by clicking on the Apply Now button. Make sure that you upload a resume so you can proceed to the next step. You can also export your Linkedin profile.

Step 3

Click on the See What’s Next button on the right, this should take you to the road map of your application.

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Step 4

Scroll down the application road map and click on the Start the Challenge button.

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Step 5

Make sure that all fields in the Create Basic Profile section are all filled out, please make sure you check each one carefully. Profile photo should also be a reasonable size and in standard format (png, jpeg)



Step 1

On your Application Roadmap, click on Go To Test button. Use the login information provided on to start your test on the new page ( where we'll have a series of multiple-choice tests to check for the knowledge and skills needed for the role.

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Step 2

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After submitting your answers for Basic Questions, English Assessment and Subject Matter Questions on, you will be automatically logged off.

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You can simply go back to and refresh the page so you can start Written Evaluation



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I start?

A: The links will be shared on the chat section. Start your application by clicking on the correct link. Create an account with Crossover, upload  your resume and confirm your email address. From there, the Crossover platform will guide you through the remaining steps.

Q: Can I apply using mobile?

A: Please apply using a computer.

Q: I don’t have a resume.

A: You may export your LinkedIn profile.

Q: Can I skip English Assessment and take it later?

A: You must complete the tests in the exact order it was given. Do not skip this step, it will be marked as incomplete with no way to go back and finish. English test will be considered final upon submission.

Q: Is this a full-time position?

A: All positions will require you to work 40 hours/week. We don’t offer positions for fewer hours than 40/week, but do allow for vacations and time-off as needed.

Q: I currently have a contract with by Crossover, can I still apply?

A: You may still apply for this position even if you have an active contract with Crossover. We encourage you to inform your manager. Your immediate supervisor will also get notified once you make it to the marketplace.

Q: After Written Evaluation, what should I do?

A: You’ve successfully finished testing after Written Evaluation. We’ll start evaluating tests. All candidates will get an acceptance/rejection decision to the marketplace within one week. Please note that due to the high number of applicants, we won’t be able to provide status updates or application feedback. Your status will be handled as explained above. Thank you for your understanding!

Q: Are we expected to finish the test in the duration of webinar?

A: You have until Sunday, UTC 11pm to finish testing, to be considered for Monday marketplace acceptance and same-week interviews. Please note that we do not accept any submissions via support or via email.


Watch the Pre-Online Hiring Event Checklist Video: