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Location: Istanbul, Turkey   |   Role: Director of Product Operations, Crossover

Mehmet, Director of Product Operations at Crossover says “If I had to describe Crossover’s impact in my life with one word, it would be ‘amazing.’” Mehmet spent the early part of his career at software startups in San Francisco. He wanted to return home to Turkey, but there were limited options for interesting work coupled with good compensation. We connected with Mehmet to hear more about how Crossover has provided both of these opportunities and more.



Can you tell us about how your personal background impacted your desire to work for Crossover?

I have kind of an interesting professional background.  I started working very young - I had a tough dad with a very high work ethic.  He pushed me to work as young as 14 years old in the retail and restaurant field.

I of course always had an interest in technology.  I went to Penn State for college, where I studied Security Risk Analysis.  I started my career in San Francisco with a startup with POS systems. Later, I started doing freelance project management work and I started my own startup which is relational to POS systems and biometric systems.

I decided to move to Turkey after I sold my shares with my startup.  I quickly found that the pace of professional development in Turkey was not as fast as it was in the U.S.  But I always wanted to earn USDs and live in my home country.

With Crossover I can now do that, and work in an environment at a rapidly growing pace.


How did the Crossover compensation impact your life?

The compensation I get from Crossover has been very advantageous for me in my local country. I benefit greatly from the foreign exchange rate - converting my USDs to TRYs.  I've always wanted to be a part of a system where I can work remotely and earn this type of money.

I came from a family that doesn't really have much assets. Crossover’s compensation helped me close out my previous debts. It helped me get married, and now I’m saving up to buy a house and a store. Once I do that, I'll continue to save my compensation towards entities that I can use later on as investments.


You have been in a few different roles at Crossover.  What has your professional growth looked like?

I was a TPM (Technical Product Manager) in the beginning, became a QPM, then became a QPM Director and finally Director of Product Operations.

If you work hard at Crossover, growth opportunities are definitely there. Crossover is a very challenging environment. You have to put in the hours. But it’s incredibly rewarding as well.


Tell us a bit more about your team.

As far as my colleagues go, I currently manage eight people within different teams. They're all individually selected people; they have special talents in certain areas, and were picked for their specific role. When I look at them and compare them with people from my previous companies, I can confidently say my team is comprised of topnotch people in the world. When you consider the payments in USD and this high paced environment, you can definitely reach some talented people.  The people that I work with now are intelligent, very proactive as to how they work, and they value their work. That's the type of environment Crossover maintains.

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